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School Life

Discover a vibrant school life beyond the classroom at Ontario International Secondary School, with diverse clubs, events, and opportunities that enrich students’ personal and social development


At Ontario International Secondary School, our rigorous academic program empowers students with knowledge and critical thinking skills, preparing them for a successful future in a rapidly changing world


Experience the thrill of teamwork, discipline, and healthy competition through our Athletics program at Ontario International Secondary School, where students learn valuable life lessons on and off the court

About Our School

Discover Ontario International Secondary School, a distinguished institution dedicated to nurturing young minds and fostering aspirational growth. With a legacy of academic excellence and a vibrant student community, we provide a comprehensive educational experience that transcends the ordinary. From our dynamic classrooms led by dedicated educators to a diverse array of extracurricular activities that ignite passions, our school cultivates well-rounded individuals poised for remarkable achievements. Join us in shaping a future where knowledge converges with innovation, and where each student’s journey is meticulously guided by a commitment to excellence, empathy, and boundless opportunities. Explore how Ontario International Secondary School stands as a beacon of transformative education, primed for success in the ever-evolving landscape.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence, character development, and a passion for lifelong learning.

Academic Excellence

Benefit from a rigorous curriculum designed to challenge and inspire. Our dedicated faculty and modern resources ensure a high-quality education that prepares you for higher learning and career success

Preparation for the Future

Gain the skills, critical thinking abilities, and adaptability needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Our comprehensive education equips you with the tools to excel in higher education and various career paths

Lasting Memories

Create cherished memories through meaningful experiences, from school events and competitions to community service projects, forming a tapestry of moments that will stay with you throughout your life

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